Geeky Gadgets: Best Technology For Parents

Most of our mothers would admit some of the luxuries we have these days make them want to vomit. “I never had a breast-feeding pillow!” mom would say. Or “No one used disposable diapers and bottle warmers in my day!” Yes, it’s true — life was harder back then. Yet, why should we do everything the hard way if we don’t have to? Some gadgets are a gratuitous waste of money, but there is other parenting technology you won’t want to live without. Here are a few cool gadgets for new parents to consider.

Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat and Travel System

car seat gadget

Three out of four infant car seats are installed or used incorrectly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You won’t have to worry about ever making that mistake with the Summer Infant Prodigy Infant Car Seat and Travel System. The smart screen gives parents easy step-by-step instructions for leveling, tightening and installing the base. Buy here!

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

As you’ve probably figured out, new parents don’t sleep very much. You can feel harried just trying to remember when to feed, when to change diapers, when to give medication, or when to put the baby down for a nap. The award-winning Itzbeen Baby Care Timer lets you set helpful reminders to stay on schedule and keep track of everyday activities. Your babysitter will definitely appreciate this parenting gadget too! Buy here! 

Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor

baby monitor

It can be difficult to relax when baby is napping. Is the baby too hot? Is the baby breathing? Is the baby caught in the blankets? You’ll have a better handle on baby’s every move and sound with this advanced baby monitor. Your hand-held unit displays the temperature, while the sound lights will let you know if the baby is babbling or actually asleep. Buy here!


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