SnugZee Baby Head Support Neck Stabilizer Car Seat Pillow

baby car seat head supportWhen you’re traveling with baby, you want to know that your little one is comfortable and secure. Unfortunately, many car seats do not come with adequate baby head support. The cute line of SnugZee Baby Head Support pillows come in a wide assortment of different styles and works well for tots on the go who need better head and neck support during those crucial early months.

 Product Features

baby neck support

  • Most importantly, this product provides support on either side of your baby’s head, without tampering with car seat safety.
  • The baby’s arms still have full range of motion and the baby head support system does  not obstruct your baby’s view
  • You can remove the pillows and leave the harness pads in place to prevent the straps from irritating your baby’s skin
  • This product was invented by other moms who recognize the need for better car seat head support
  • The enclosures are made from adjustable velcro and the 100% cotton material is easily machine washable
  • Recommended for: infants, newborns, and toddlers (up to 25 lbs)

*Please Note: This product is incompatible with Recaro brand car seats.

What Moms Say About SnugZee Baby Head Support:

“We have been using this item for 3 months and the SnugZee baby head supports work GREAT at preventing her head from bobbing when she falls asleep.”

“We moved our 8 month old to a ‘big girl’ car seat and it doesn’t have as much recline or head support. With this product she can fall asleep without her head flopping around.”

“I use it in my Bob stroller for my 6 month old and it provides more support than the straps alone, and it’s less hassle than shoving pillows on the sides of her to keep her head from going side to side while I run.”

“It doesn’t bother her at all having them on when she is awake and when she falls asleep the pillows hold her head very nicely.”

“My daughter was 5lbs 13oz when she was born. Her car seat was so big that her head would slump over to each side if she fell asleep…. I would reccommend this and will use it again if i have another small baby!”

“This is a wonderful baby gift!”

*Note: One grandmother said she does not recommend these baby head support pillows for infants with Torticollis.

Check Out These Irresistable SnugZee Styles:

baby head support

Available on Amazon for $24

More styles available here at!

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