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Best Baby Bath Toy Recommendations

Most babies enjoy bath time, but finding the right baby bath toy will ensure that your infant or toddler remains calm, happy and entertained, so you have enough time for cleaning. We all know about the classic Rubber Duckie that Ernie sings about on Sesame Street, but what can possibly compete with your toddler’s LEGOs and Baby Einstein toys to make bath-time fun and engaging? Here are a few options.

Sassy Bathtime Pals Squirt and Float Toys

Parents love Sassy bath toys because they are  free from BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead and other chemicals. These sea friend bath squirters come in a variety of textures and are easy for small hands to squeeze. One parent says her daughter loves playing with these toys from 12 months to present (20 months) and another mom mentioned that her son likes to play with these toys outside of the bath too. Buy these baby bath toys for $6.18 on Amazon!

EduShape Floating Blocks

EduShape makes several different types of bath toys, including the Magic Creations Playset and the Floating Blocks. The playsets come in dinosaur, robot, dancers, shoppers, pets, trucks and under-the-sea themes. They’re wet and stick, so kids can put them up on the wall or move them about. Parents say their kids like to play with these toys until the bath water turns cold. “It’s fun to watch them dream up new scenarios,” says one parent. Two-year-old and three-year-old toddlers especially love these bath toys. Buy the set for $13 at Amazon.   

The Floating Blocks bath toy sticks together and floats too. One mother said her son still plays with them two years later. Another mother said her 14-month-old was getting bored of bath toys and found this one to be stimulating. A third parent says these blocks are even great for 8-year-old autistic children. “I don’t know who enjoys these more — my 1-year-old, my 4-year-old, or me,” writes another parent. Buy the set for $15.33 on Amazon.

Disney Tumbler Track Winnie the Pooh

These neat Winnie the Pooh tumblers spin and somersault down the track and float in the water. This Disney bath toy helps develop hand-eye coordination and awareness. One grandparent says her grandson loves to pull the tumbler from the cup and enjoys this toy at every bath. Buy for $13.99 at Toys R Us.

Vtech Pour and Float Froggy

This large bath toy comes with three stackable water cups that can placed on froggy’s tummy or used to pour water into his mouth. When water is poured into his mouth, he’ll squirt water like a fountain. The light-up tummy flower teaches numbers with sounds, music and phrases. When froggy comes out of the water, he’ll encourage your child to put him back in. This bath toy may startle little ones who do not expect the squirting, but ages 6-18 months (and even toddlers) love it! Buy it for $19.99 at Toys R Us.

Elegant Baby Bath Set

Parents rated this adorable bath toy a perfect 5/5 on Amazon for fun and functionality. Children can play with this large soap dish, 3 squirter babies and 2 floaties. It comes in frog, duck or dolphin themes. Buy on Amazon for $9.46.

Additional Notes:

For more baby bath ideas, check out Babble’s 2011 List of Best Bath Toys.

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